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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  December 10, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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murder mystery. a fashion designer who grew up in northern virginia and went to college here is found dead in a posh new york city hotel room. >> royal attack. reaction and i say it all. riders attacked the car carrying prince charles and wife camilla. good morning. thanks for joining us for news 4 today. i'm eun yang. >> good morning toumpt i'm joe krebs on this friday, 10th of december, 2010. a live look outside. 30 degrees. we may have clouds above us as well.
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in fact, this momentarily. >> this moment. >> lots of clouds outside for today. one or two little breaks of sunshine. that's not goingo be the rule. that's the exception for your friday. plenty of clouds around. temperatures are on the cold side again this morning. 24 degrees in buoy, maryland. 21 in la plata. 19 in manassas. 20 degrees at dulles airport. there's a lot of very good spots out there. west of the blue ridge, mountains of west virginia, western maryland, not expecting any real snow threat. plenty of clouds around. mainly just plenty of clouds. most of the light snow keeping to t west. our bus sop forecast, another cold one for the kids. bundle them up. winter coats, jackets, mittens, scves all required for today. not quite as windy but plenty of clouds. highs this afternoon in the upper 30s to low 40s. tomorrow will be the better day
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of the weekend. all the details in just a couple minutes. for now over to jim with a look at traffic. a new report on the inner loop of the beltway. just out of view of this camera. stay to the left in order to get by. 95 and 66 in pretty good shape. no accidents to report on either of those utes. an accident out to the west, 70 westbound. traffic was converted at that point. let's go over to the ril board and show you no delays on metro, marc or vre. joe and eun, back to you. we are on top of a developing story. a fashion design ser dead. her body has been found in an upscale neyork city hotel room. megan nick wrath isorking on this story. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, joe. 33-year-old live qaa sheaas
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partial lly clothed in a bathtu 3:00 a.m. on thursday. she had bruises on her neck and a bite mark on her hand. they are questioning her boyfriend, brooks. he is the son of joseph brooks who wrote "you light up my life." she spliher time between peru and mcclain, virginia. she went to merry mount university in maryland where she excelled idesign. cachet has worked for ann cole. and victoria's secret. she started her own line of swim wear. a housekeeper reportedly heard cachet and her boyfriend arguin a ttle while later, a housekeeper on another floor saw dripping water from the ceiling. the daughter of an artist, cachet said she was fit inspired by watching her mother work in her studio. she was a rising star. her work was featur in several
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magazines, including vogue. a developing story. we'll continue to follow it. more later in the show. >> thanks very much, megan. we'll ge back to you. new today, take a look at this video. a car flipped on its side. the back end of a van taken out. this is the aftermath of a police pursuit that started in montgomery county. they started to pursue the driver in a stolen car in silver spring. they chased the guy until they crashed va ga ga avenue and piney branch rod. no one was hurt. the suspec jumped out and tried to run but was nabbed by police. this one load to a shoot-out withpolice. it happened last night when officers were called to country wood court in landover not far from fedex field. one officer approached a man and went to pat him down when he felt a weapon. the suspect pushed away an
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fired several shots. the officer returned fire and hit the suspect several times. the suspect then somehow managed to run to a nearby 7-eleven store where other officers wrestled himo the ground. police say it's amazing no one else was injured. he is in stable condition. nobel peace prize will be in norway. not everyone is happy about it. chinese police are surrounding the home of the wife of this year's nobel peace prize winner. serving time in prison that challenging china's one-party rule. his ward has made the chinese government furious with government officials calling for an international boycott of the ceremony. e repeal of the don't ask, don't tell measure has hit a major oadblock. afterwards president obama expressed his disappointment and asked the senators to try again before the end of the year. next year the democratic
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majority will be narwer. the house will be under republican control and repealing that ban will likely be more difficult. the debate over the bush-era tax cuts extended to th senate. house democrats are opposed to the agreement president obama made with the republicans. they said they will not en schedule floor consideration until the tax breaks for the rich on taken off the table. but the president was adamant yesterday that failure to pass the bill will mean not only higher taxes but fewer jobs for americans. >> but if thisramework fails the reverse is true. americans would see it in smaller paychecks that would have the effect of fewer jobs. >> and we will not submit to this deal. >> it is not acceptable to the house democratic caucus. >> as for the senate, there's the test vote se for monday
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afternoon. specific timetable for an official vote to try to pass the bill. >> it was a frightening experience for prince charles and his wife camilla. e royal couple was driving to an event in london when student protesters attacked their limousine, hitting it with paint balls and breaking their window. the couple was not hurt by visiblyhaken by the incident. >> this has nothing to do with peaceful protests. >> it is still unclear if the couple was intentional targeted or if they just happened to drive-through the area at the wrong time. > our time is 6:07. ahead, why protesters will be gathering outside the memorial service for elizabeth edwards this weekend. the white house says
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president obama hit a milestone. the personal victory for the president. we he 30 degrees outside. cloudy skies in the natios capital. big changes. stay with us. weather and traffic on the ones, lucy, i missed you.
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that is a 2-year-old girl who managed to crawl inside this machine at a mall near pittsburgh. firefighters had to come to finallget her out, the poor thg. the girl was not hurt. her mother told police that she only looked away for a moment. you know what happens to talko d toddlers when you look away for a moment. >> a moment? >> 15 minutes. went to get a cup of coffee, sat and had a conversation with a pal. came back and pow, she was in the machine. >> i can't imagine how in the world she crawled into that machine. >> you have three kids under 5. you know exactly how they get in there. >> going through the coin rern. >> i think a moment less and less time the less kids you have. you have three kids, you're everywhere. >> i would say even the best mom you can't keep your eye on your child every single cond. >> you can until you have the
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third kid. one eye on each kid, but the third kid you need a third eye. a cold start on our friday morning. getting ready to send the kids out to school. once again bundle them up. good news, we don't have such a fierce wind we have had the last few days. temperatures teens and 20s. 26n germantown and gaithersburg. 30 in annapolis. light snow in west virginia. 99% will stay out there today. i-81 or points to the west, be on the lookout. highs around 44 today. a little sunshine tomorrow with a high of 5. rain for sunday. jim, over to you. >> thanksality. we have a report of an accident on the belt washgs inner loop between marlboro and 4. got a camera in that area. that is not showing any activity on that stretch of the beltway. so far we're in pretty good shape on i-95. looks good heading to the beltway. 270 just starting to slow in the
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yea yats town stretch. tell you we have no delays metro, marc, vre. back to you. >> thank you. it's now 6:12. 30 degrees. virginia tech broke thlaw. we'll tell youwhy. >> where sarah palin will be vising this weekend as part of a humanitarian effort. and join the jaguar platinum c!
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>> perhaps one of the most surprises parts of the albert haines worth suspension is who wasn't involved in the desion. head coach mike shanahan said the owner did not have a decision. he spoke about a man he signed to a $100 million contract. >> i wish it would have worked out better. and i wish he played better. right now we're just trying to win the next game. u're aays hoping for the best, your heart is in the right place and ours still are. so at this point we're trying to play the next game against tampa bay buccaneers. hopefully it will be nice and cold. >> he was given a $21 millio bonus back in aprilment the team has declined to say whether they
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will try to recoup some of the money because of the suspension. anacostia has see a rash of robberies. because of that there will be increased patrols in therea. residents say they've been living in near ever since. they say there have been at least seven robberies or home invasions in the area in fewer than ree months and the suspects remain on the loose. a protest is planned for next week to bring more attention to the problem and to, quote, help save our community. well, today the d.c. depament of public works will dedicate one of its buildings to an employee killed on the job. larry hutchins was shot to death on october 13th when he was getting ready for his shift. today the department will dedicate solid waste collections building on w street northeast hutchins's memory. tchins worked for the
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department of public works for 24 years. virginia tech could lose nearly $100 million inederal aid after the department of education decidethat it violated the law. a recent report concluded that the university violated the clairy act, which requires that students and employees be notified of on-campus threats. virginia tech officials did not send an he mal to the campus community about two deadly shootings back in 2007 until two hours later. by that int, cho shot and killed 30 more people. university leaders dispute the findingsnd say they were consistent with the standards in place at the time >> as family and friends gather to mourn the loss of elizabeth wards tomorrow protesters say they will also be at that merial service. members say they will denstrate outside edwards's service in ral leeshgs north carolina. the kansas-based group is known of course for its anti homosexual protests at funerals of military personnel. the wife of former presidential candidate and former u.s.
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senator john edwards died on esday. the organization z edward did not humble herself to god and thought she could contl god, they said. we asked what you thought about these protests at the funeral service. the comments have been pouring in to our facebook page. jacqueline murray says, i think it's ridiculous. let the family grieve in peace. kim wofford said i'm disappointed they're able to get away with free speech in the foulest way possible by protesting for people who are mourning their loss. tell us what you thimnk. new news4today.
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a recent cholera outbreak has killed more than 3,000 people in haiti, a country that is still recovering from that devastating earthquake in january. graham said he appreciates palin'sillingness to visit haiti during such troubled times. this morning u.s. marine corps. needs your help with a special operation. >> they are on a mission to make sure needy children get new toys for the holidays. aaron gill grist joins us live at a toys fortots at the gallery in northwest washington. >> reporter: when they ask for help, we step up and do it. the good folks at mix 107.3, morning show partnering with the marine corps. today. we're out with them this morning. they're dng their morning show broadcast. this is. man. sir, how are you this morning? >> have you seen him? good to see you. >> reporter: good to see you
6:21 am
too. this is something you've been doing for a long time, right? >> literally since we started the morning show 20 years ago. appreciate everybody who has partnered with us through the years. it's nice to see people coming up with large volumes of toys. it is the 10, 20, 50 donations. especially for the older kids. i think everybody thinks so fast youngsters, young teens sometimes they're forgotten. if you're coming by and joining us, remember the older kids as well. >> it's important to know -- you don't ha to come with an unwrapped toy necessarily. >> absolutely not. we expect cash, my friend. in fact, w're very happy to accept a cash or check. make it out to toys for tots. and it really begins to feel like that time of year and the spirit of giving. we don't mind the chilly weather as long as you join us. >> the whole crowd is here. a whole lot of them out here. got a great setup right at t corner of wisconsin and jennifer
6:22 am
in front of filene's basement. l morning long we'll be out heerchlt we want folks to come by. you can drop off unwrapped new toy or cash, check, whatever you want to bring l to help kids in the washington region really have a great christmas. back to you guys. >> thanks very much, aaron. >> it's just a great effort. and the marine corps. is so impressive. you have to find a way to contribute today. >> i'll agree with that 100%. a little bit of a chill factor first thing this morning on ur friday. getting ready to think about your weekend. it's not far away. bundle up on your friday morning. 19 in manassas. 29 in leesburg. 29 in capital heights. 28 in rockville, maryland. light snow now across the mountains of west virginia, moving into the panhandle of western maryland. most of that is going to stay west of the blue ridge later on today. a mostly cloy day in store. a little bit of sunshine
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tomorrow. high 45. 80% chance of rain on sunday. could start as a snowflake and end as a snowflake. next week, highs in the 20s with more wind on tuesday. jim, over to you. >> thank you, sir. beltway, east side, lanes are open. only a brief delay. 27past the interchange at route 109. but with all the lanes open. los good in both directions. no delays on metro, marc, or e. back to you. >> well, present obama hasn't had many political victories lately but is celebrating a personal accomplishment. >> just how many women are getting mammograms. >> rethink buying an
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when i saw all the jobs disappearing,
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i knew i needed to find a better way to support my daughter. [ male announcer ] at age forty, greg flowers went back to school. [ greg ] got a job as a computer applications engineer.
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[ male announcer ] but now, some in washington want regulations restricting access to career collegeand universities, denying opportunity to millions of people like greg, letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, my job, it should be my choice. [ male announcer ] don't let washington get in the way. president obama is apparently doing a better job kicking the habit. robert gib said in a press conference yesterday that he has not seen the president smoke since march. a reporter brought up the issue ter a u.s. surgeon general's report it warned of tobacco's
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risk and how one cigarette can poison the body. gibbs said he believes the president is chewing on nicotine gum now to help him quit smoking. the recent death of elizabeth edwards led many women to loo at themselves for breast cancer. millions of women don't get the test even if their insurance covers it. researchers looked at the insurance claims of 1 million women of ages 40 to 64. 6:27 is the time. coming up next at 6:30, a search for a man want in a violent robbery. a man is caught on tape sucker-punching a woman. what are you doing this weekend? it might be a great weekend to spend indoors. meteorologist chuck bell will tell you iñ
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compromising situation. democrats worked late into the night and start to admit the president's tax cutlanill likely pass as a test is scheduled for monday. good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eunyang. it is the 10th of deeshgs 120. it's friday. happy friday to everyone.
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wow! looking outside at the live picture, gorgeous, dramatic sky. it's still cold. a little bit of relief for this weekend. >> a little bit. >> and sadly -- >> not a lot. >> -- reliefcomes in the form of 40 degrees. >> you have to take progress even in small inches. plenty of clouds outside this morning. a little bit of sunshine from time to time from washington eastbound to the bay. for you folks that live further to the west, blue ridge, that's a thick deck of overca. a little break or two here and there. that's it. 19 in frederick, maryland. 21 in martinsburg, west virginia. 30 degrees in annapolis. out to the west, still snowflakes showing up west of the blue ridge, west of interstate 81. i can't rule out for you along the northern shenandoah valley, brief amount of snow. teeratures in the 20s. so definitely a stage 1 bundle
6:32 am
up factor this morning. cloudy skies. the rest of the day so the chilly side. near 40 degrees today. near 45 tomorrow with a little bit more sunshine coming our way. all bets off sunday as it looks messy. let's go over to a check for traffic with jim. >> northbound side of i-95. heavy traffic getting out of woodbrid to larton. no accidents on that stretch. a lot of heavy traffic and brake lights. maryland, ltway, through college park towards silver spring, slow traffic beginning near new hampshire avenue. those are the brake lights going away from us. they continue to silver spring. 270 sohbound, heavy traffic through the stretch. 66 jammed up in man as as. over to the rails, still lookin good. no delays, metro, marc, or vre. back to you. >> jim, thanks very much. the clock is ticking down on the bush-era tax cuts and 111th congress. the big question, will a deal happen to extend the cuts and
6:33 am
who will receive them? tracee wilkins is live with the latest. trac, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. it's an important question. there's very limiteded time for them deciding what's going to happen with the tax cuts. they're trying to g this all done before the end of the lame duck session. it will take a compromise to make it happen. some democrats are saying it's a difference between compromise and giving up. the senate opened dete lat thursday on a tax package that has been reworked to include renewable energy incentives. that's something both republicans and democrats wanted. it also would extend the so-called bush-era tax cuts for pretty much everyone and extends full long-term benefits to support the millions o families who have used up state unemployment. republican leaders and the white house also negotiated bringing back the inritance tax. and some democratic leadersay the revisions are great fort wealthy but could cost the u.s.
6:34 am
$68 billion in possible state tax income the next two years. some liberal democrats are calling this a deal breaker. >> we would like to find a bipartisan way forward b our caucus will not submit to hostage taking and we will not submito this deal. >> the nature of comomise is taking enough things to get an agreement through, and i think in the end we will. >> still, the white house would like to see this pass. liberal democrats are saying they want to rework this bill as soon as possible. we're expecting a test vote on monday. tracee wilkins live on capitol hill. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thank you gloo the repeal of don't skshgs don't tell has suffered a major setback. republicans voted to blokt effort to reveal military's ban on openly gay service members. afterwards, president obama urged the senators to try again. next year, when a new senate convened the majority will be
6:35 am
narrower. the house will be under reblican control. and repealing the ban will likely be more difficult. maryland senator card en has proposed a plan to move the new beginnings tensionenter from laurel to walter reed center. he asked district officials to plan for the complete transfer of the facility. cardin said walter reed is not the only option but moving it should be a priority. since new beginnings opened in may of 2009, two teenagers have escaped, forcing an increase in security. police are roog looking at surveillance video for a robbery at a silver spring radio shack. a man came in and said he wanted to buy a playstation 3. when the employee put the box on
6:36 am
the counter, the suspect punched the employee and took of short black hair. virginia lawmakers are considerina bill that wod force emergency vehicles to put their sirens on when responding to a call. the bill was inspired by an accident that killed a young woman in alexandria in 2008. a fairfax county officer drove through a red light on route 1 killing 33-year-old ashley macintosh. she had her emergency lights on but not her siren. whatever the outcome is it sa its officers will follow the law. and we have a major traffic alert for those of you who use the beltway in alexandria. beginning 9:00 tonight, crews will close several lanes of i-495 and shut down the ramps at telegraph road. those will remain in place until 2:00 a.m. the work was supposed to start last week but put on hold because of the weather.
6:37 am
wikileaks supporters are getting bold. what theyvow to do if julian assange is extradited to sweden. >> without on the lawn there arose -- oh, i skipped a page. 6:37. 30 degrees out there. that sky is too pretty for words. we're going to be back for what it means for our weather and a look at the traffic
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three, two, one! it is a first family tradition. flipping the swit on the national christmas tree. the ceremony was hosted by actor and hip-hop artist comn. blues legend b.b. king and maroon 5. the tradition of the president lighting the national christmas tree dates back to 1923. >> but out on the lawn there rose such a -- oh, i skipped a page. did i skip another page? the first lady is taking off her gloves. ready? >> that happens to us all the time. >> oh, yeah.
6:41 am
>> michelle obama kept the crowd laughing as she tried to get through a read of 'twas the night before christmas. she continued on with one of the st popular children's holiday stories. did a great reading. >> it's so hard to turn the pages with gloves on. >> it's tough. i read to kids yesterday. luckily they sat through it. i didn't skip any pages. we wore gloves for years here on the set doing the news and we decided it was just too difficult so turn the script so we stopped doing it. >> thank goodness i got here after all that was over. >> we just keep the studio warm he now. anyway, outside on a friday morning, a cold start again this morning. not quite as cod as it's been but still plenty chilly out there. be careful as you get outside. 19 degrees in damasc.
6:42 am
21 in eood, west virginia. 23 in culpepper. out towards the blue rid, low 20s. low 30s along the bay. a clump of light snow showers moving through southwestern virginia. most not reaching the ground. i wouldn't be completely shocked to hear the occasional snowflake towards charlottesvil. nothing big coming our way. cloudy skies. tomorrow a little better, a lile sunshine. high of 35 >> very heavy traffic out of prince william county, heading toward rton and newington. headlights at the bottom of the screen. this is looking south in springfield. that will show us delay heading er to an incident in newington. southbound there was a car fire on the right side. that fire has now been
6:43 am
distinguished. north side, heavy college park to silver spring. on the rail, no delays, metro, marc, or vre. back to you >> a fashion designer who grew up in northern virginia is found dead inside a posh new york city hotel ro. prince charles and his wife camilla got caught in a violent protester. >> and surprise find for customs agent at dulles airport.
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the search is on for answers after a high-profile fashion designer was found dead inside an upscale new york city hotel room. this morning we learned she grew up in norther virginia. >> reporter: good morning, eun. 33-year-old sylvie cachet was found partially clothe indeed a bathtub 3:00 a.m. thursday. police sources tell the associated press she had bruises on her neck and a bite mark on her hand. police are questioning her boyfrid, 26-year-old nicholas brooks. brooks is the son ofoscar winning songwriter joseph brooks who wrote the tune yoet you light up my life." he is currently fighting allegations that he sexually assaulteded aspiring actresses.
6:47 am
she has dual citizenship. she came back to the states and attended merry mount in arlington where she excelled in design. cachet has worked for ann cole and victoria's secret and started her own line of swim wear. a housekeeper reportedly heard cachet and her boyfriend arguing. a little while later a housekeeper on another floor saw water dripping from the ceiling. the daughter of an artist she said on her website she was first inspired by wching her mother work in her studio. she was a rising star. her work was featured in magazines like "vogue." back to you all. megan mcgrath in your newsroom. meganing thank you. prince charles and his wife camilla are likely still shaken after their limousine was attacked by protest ners london. the couple was not hurt.
6:48 am
the stents were protesting tuition hikes passed by the house of common which would nearly triple university fees. the secretary said students have a right to protest but not wreak havoc. >> the appalling levels of violence we have een, this has nothing to do with peaceful protests. it is still unclear. the couple was intentionally taeted or if they just happened to ive-through the area at the wrong time. after hackers in support of wikileaks shut down companies that stopped doing business with wikileaks, attorney general eric holder said the justice department is looking into the matter. they shut down mastercard, visa, swiss bank and are threatening the british government. sit called operation payback and is being coordinated on twitter. holder says he hopes theeople responsible for these attacks
6:49 am
will be brought to justice. students of george washington university that even looking at the wikileaks documents could affect their job search. the g.w. hchet newspaper reports says accessing the site could result in unauthorized computer access. they also warn student they risk their security clearance and it could affect background checks or polygraph tests. students say ahough there are first amendment concerns they would probably avoid the site just to be safe. >> i am ashamed for avoiding going to those sites because it's something we should be able to do without any fear of repercussions. i understand the fact that employers will look at that sort of thing. and george washington is not the only school. johnson & johnson announced
6:50 am
a major recall for rolaids. >> reporter: another recall at johnson & johnson. the company is now pulling all rolaids soft choose after people found bits of wood and metal in the tablets. they had problems with a third-party manufacturer. if you're holdingut for an ipad, a new rsion could be on the way next year. suppliers are gearing up for a new round of production. some y the new twice has a front and back camera and better video resolution. the timing is about right as steve jobs announces the new ipod. suppliers can fill oers by february. the new ipad could hit stores by april. back over to you. >> thanks so much. have a great weekend.
6:51 am
>> reporter: you too. well, security officials at dulles international airport made a strange discovery when they inspected on man's suitcase. customs and border protection say they found the lgage packed with animal parts. a hedgehods, elephant tails, ameleons, seed pods and bloody sheets. the ghana passengesay they were used for spiritual purposes. customs agents issued him a warning and let him go but a major scare in one woman in oklahoma city. >> she opened the lid of her toilet and what she saw led her to call 911. >> i have some kind of an animal in t toilet in my bathroom. >> like a -- what's it look like? >> well, it's great. that's all i can tell you.
6:52 am
i didn't look real good because it scares me to death. >> as soon as i saw it was a squirrel i knew i needed to backupimmediately. >> there he goes scampering through the bathroom. backup arrived. police proceeded to chase the squirrel around the bathroom. one of them, thankfully, used his cell phone to record this video, otherwise, how could we show you this funny stuff. the squirrel was set free. no one has any idea how the squirrel got inside that woman's toilet. >> and the squirrel ain't taing. he left as quickly as he could. can you imagine his feeling. whoa! where am i? >> the woman sounded relatively calm. if there was a squirrel in hi house, i would be screaming. >> and you have kids screaming. >> that's right. >> no doubt about it. >> no way. >> no one knows how thequirrel got in the toilet. we were assuming he was thirsty. >> you think so?
6:53 am
he hasn' been trained. >> it's that time of the year when they come in, try t stay out of the cold. cold, ndeed, for our furry friends in the great outdoors and even your not so furry friends. get your coats out. going to need them for today. not quite as much of a bitter chill. ugly day coming up for sunday. right now 29 degrees in washington. each and every one of the last eight days have all been colder than average. for the month 6 degrees colder than average. more cold air to come as well. this is the tip of the iceburg. 21 in fairfax. 30 in annapolis. a little bit of light snow showing up on regional doppler. none of the obsertion posts, stanton, roanoke, no one is reporting any snow so most is evaporating before it gets to thground. bubble of milder air across the
6:54 am
ohio valley. a brief reprieve from the cold tomorrow. unfortunately that's not going to last too much longer. chilly and cloudy today. we'll have to watch the next weather area. might bring a chance for snow early, early, early sunday morning. all sunday afternoon is rain. it will end as sfloe flurries and windy cold weather into monday. most of sunday is going to be a cold rain. a check on the roads. >> 95 northbound, heavy traffic from dale city. no accidents northbound. southbound we had an incident near newington that was off the road to the right. those are northbound delays in the larton stretch. 270 southbound slow getting through the high yats town. sluggish past route 28. all lanes open here. 66 corridor, slow out of manassas through fair oaks. let's go to theails now. no delays to report metro, marc,
6:55 am
and vre. joe, eun, back to you. >> thank you. this morning you c join the few, the proud, the u.s. marines for a very special operation. >> your work helps make sure needy children get a brand-new toy this holiday season. aaron gilchrist joins us. i hope you're seeing a lot of toys out there already. >> repter: we're seeing a few people drop off toys. marine corps. is out here for the boxes to collect toys. the folks from mix 107.3 jack diamond morning show trying to drum up support for folks to drop off toys. we actually have a young man who is out here every year. why do you do this every year?
6:56 am
>> all right. he was saying the reason why he wants to contribute is to help the boys and girls who don't have anything this christmas season. so great to learn the lesson about giving as part of the seon. >> once again, they're at the gallery right now. they will be there through the morning. get out and try to help out if you can. let's get a quick look at the forecast from chuck. >> out the door. cloudy skies today. temperatures climbing to near 40 degrees. a little more sunshine on your saturday. tomorrow's high, 45. a cold rain if you're headed tout fedex field. skins game, rainy conditions. temperatures in the low 40s at best. and arctic cold next week. >> thank you, chuck. >> that is news 4 today. thank you for starting your friday with us. >> the "today" show is next. right back here monday morning starting at 4:30. have a great weekend. we willeave you this morning with part of b.b.king's performance at last night's national christmas tree ceremony. >> bye.
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